Day 11: Another Long Day of Research

Today was our last day perfecting our survey method before we switch to a new method. The Red Mantas braved the rough waters today and surveyed reefs 33 and 38.  Luckily we did not have large swells today but the water felt much colder than the past couples of day.  This was probably due to the fact that we managed to not get completely soaked on the ride over to the reef so we had not gotten used to being cold yet.  On reef 33 we were able to spot a large sea turtle almost as soon as we jumped into the water, we were all thankful that we did not land on it while getting into the water.  After we finished up on reef 33 Anita let Mason practice driving the boat and parking next to the reef and then we took our lunch break.




After getting rained on we finally got up the courage to get back into the cold waters to finish our last timed swim.  On reef 38 we were able to spot a tiny moon jellyfish and lots and lots of fungia. Once everyone got back from the field we listen to Lauren Van Heukelem talk about her research cruise to the Northwestern Hawaiian islands looking at opihi and algae populations.  It was a long day but we are all excited to see how all our research comes together!P1250162 - Sarah B


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