Day 12: New Day, New Surveys

Bri and Lauren from the purple team here!

Today everyone was relieved to finally change surveying methods after dealing with a plethora of issues the past week. The purple team got to try out timed swim surveys on reefs 24 and 26. It was kind of like exploring all over again! We were lucky enough to see 2 Hawaiian Swimming Clams (an endemic species), a painted nudibranch, and two rare calf cowries. Unfortunately, Lauren and I found some trash in the reef too that we promptly got rid of upon coming back to the island.


The Calf Cowrie!


The endemic Hawaiian swimming clam!

The red team took our old method and tried out adaptive cluster sampling. Lucky for them it worked! They also found trash :( we hope everyone learns to take care of the reefs and the ocean eventually.

Green team tried out the YSI and finished early so they had time to snorkel for fun. Lucky (or unlucky) for Enrique he went head to head with a curious 7-8ft hammerhead. Something we’ve all been waiting to see out in the bay. Hopefully we all get a chance to see one within the next two weeks!

Blue team finally got a chance to jump in the water and they did benthic surveys. They were also fortunate enough to finish early and met up with green team for some snorkeling. As the weekend starts we’ve all finished working on our methods for our final paper and are spending our remaining energy and free time designing t-shirts (designs courtesy of Enrique!) So, parents if you want one tell your kids tonight because we’re ordering them tomorrow! We’re excited for our day off tomorrow, but looking forward to finishing our data collection next week!

-Lauren and Bri

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