Greatest Memorial Day ever. While everyone got to sleep in today, we – the magnificent students – woke up early to attend an awesome talk by Emily Sesno on collector urchins. She was interested in looking at sea urchins as a model organism and seeing the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on Tripneustes gratilla‘s spines. Next up..


Emily Sesno’s talk “Sea Urchin: Tripneustes gratilla in a changing world.”

Field survey time! Blue team contestant, Sarah got to drive the boat with Dr. Hunter today. She safely and expertly maneuvered through the waves, other boats, and reefs. We also got to conduct benthic assessments for green team, while taking pictures of “pukas” or holes in the reef and counting mushroom coral Fungia scutaria. The Blue team got to visit Reefs 18 and 9 today and we came across a garden of (sea) cucumbers as you may see below!


Sarah (yeah Blue team) driving the boat to Reef 18.


Quadrat reef surveys for benthic assessment.


Andrew holding a sea cucumber at Reef 9.

Additional Highlights: Red team saw a large white tip shark; Green saw the babies! Purple team saw marble shrimp, eel with stripes, massive clam “this big” (Kevyn et al. 2018), and turtles! Chicken carbonara for dinner tonight (by me, chee), YUM!

Current obsession: feather dusters.

Current obsession: feather dusters.

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!
~ Karla B.


Bonus pic: Pretty feather duster :)

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