Day 14: Field Surveys SpongeBob Edition

Today, after our morning meeting, Blue and Green team joined forces for the first time and shared a boat to do field surveys. Together we drove out to collect water quality data and to survey reef 42 (after picking up fuel for the boat)! The water was surprisingly deep and we were able to swim safely over the coral!


Blue Team!


Karla enjoying her new wetsuit!


At the reef, Blue team had a surprise encounter with a turtle and a couple of  eels while Green team had a run in  with both a white tip reef shark and a scorpion fish!



Curious George the Eel


Peek a Boo!

Meanwhile Purple team got a chance to meet an octopus during their Timed swim survey of reef and snapped a cool pic!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Squidward TORTELLINI!!!

Also Red team tried a new surveying technique by laying multiple transects three meters apart in order to find Fungia scutaria. Along the way they saw a pufferfish  and a red crab!


Mrs. Puff


Mr. Krabs

Overall today was a calm and productive day for field surveys and I hope to work with Green team again in the future and that tomorrow will be just as peaceful!

~Andrew Han


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  1. Collette Says:

    Awesome pictures

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