NEW MOON!! and not that vampire nonsense!!

We began our expedition today, aboard three research vessels, and headed out to the Bay, to do some fieldwork. We first rushed to Reef 47, to collect our flow-balls made of plaster, and then we quickly headed to Reef 37 to survey for Montipora dilatata. To our chagrin we were unable to identify any colonies.

Montipora dilatata

Soon afterwards, we headed to the sandbar to survey for Lingula reevii, which was extremely successful. The location we surveyed was more abundant with Lingula than any other spot we have ever been! I correctly identified my first Lingula, and received a much deserved round-of-applause.


But this was only the beginning, to a wonderful night. Lauren, Ceina, Mo, Peter, Dan, and I got to take a break and let our hair down, bailing on our other distinguished scholars, as we indulged in some delicious Yakiniku at Gyu-kaku. We rushed back in time to spend most of our night working with our mentor, Chris, watching corals spawn during the new moon. I must say that was one of the most interesting things I have ever been able to watch. It’s so amazing they are all synchronized with the moon, what a trip!

Anyway, we got a big BBQ planned tomorrow at the beach house, so we got a lot of food to prepare!! Thanks for checking in!!




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2 Responses to “NEW MOON!! and not that vampire nonsense!!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Aloha guys, big mahalos for all your help the last couple of nights. Hopefully we get more results tonight!

  2. Erika Vanderveen Says:

    Good journey and experience!

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