Day 16: You Can’t Spell Fungia Without Fun… or UNG

Day 16 on Coconut Island. Last night, we got the exciting opportunity to watch coral spawn at midnight, pictures of which can be seen below:


Our second instructor, Lisa Wedding, arrived on Coconut island last night in order to teach us how to use the GIS mapping program to map our reef results as we arrange the massive amount of data that our four teams have gathered over the past several weeks. The data collecting phase is nearing it’s end, and all kinds of statistical tests and analyses are beginning to test our various hypotheses.

The groups hung around in the southern edge of Kaneohe Bay today, much closer to our Coconut Island home, compared to the more northern reefs that we have spent much of our program at. Everyone’s favorite coral species, Fungia scutaria, is a lot less numerous in the southern bay due to more pollution and runoff. The TA’s wanted us to see the difference. As a result, survey time was short, and so some teams got to explore some exciting blue holes in the middle of some nearby reefs.

Afterwards, we attended a lecture detailing attempts to cryopreserve (freeze while keeping alive) coral larvae. As the day ended, the groups worked on their Results sections of their papers and gorged on quesadillas.


The rare scientist Nik in his natural habitat

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