Day 19: On this episode of Survivor…

This morning started off in the classroom working on our results with Dr. Wedding and Dr. Bahr. We continued developing our maps on ArcGIS and working in our results until lunch time. Presenting them in groups helped us to improve and clarify our discussions. After lunch, half the group headed out in the boats, the other half stayed back to continue working on their papers. Team Verde was the only team to continue their field work today, heading back to Reef 14 to place more irradiance, temperature, and water flow sensors. Meanwhile, members of Red and Purple team went to The Sunken City and Dredge Reef to explore. It was windy and choppy out on Kaneohe bay today, so it didn’t make for the most relaxing snorkeling. Amy got to drive the skiff for the first time! After being out on the Bay, we headed back to the classroom for some more help on our projects with Dr. Bahr. We got a lot of helpful feedback on our stats and had a very productive day overall! The night ended with a leftovers BBQ down at the Beach house, where we finished grilling all of our food from yesterday’s BBQ. Even with the downpours, it was relaxing, and we had a great dinner together.
We are looking forward to another day of hard work tomorrow. We’ll be back in the classroom tomorrow morning to do some last-minute touches to our maps with Dr. Wedding before she flies back to California and then going out to the sandbar to clean the boats.






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