Bri from the purple team here!

As we near the end of our field days all the teams are going crazy running analysis on all the data we’ve collected! And boy is there a lot of it. Dr. Bahr was kind enough to give us a lecture on the JMP program today that is going to make all of our lives a little bit easier over the next few days.

Since the field days are shorter due to the tides, most of the teams only got through 1 reef today. However, purple and red team got the chance to snorkel and free dive at the sunken/floating city in South Bay. Although there was no city left, coral and sponge made homes out of the remaining pillars and fish schooled all around it.

Purple team went to reef 28 and along with all the Fungia we saw, we got to see a few turtles and a marbled shrimp. We were stoked on the lecture given to us by Angela Richards Dona all about coral color, it cleared up a lot of information concerning our hypothesis on Fungia color morphs.
GPTempDownload (16)

The marbled shrimp!



Small honu just cruisin

Sarah P. from the blue team unfortunately got stung by a Man of War today. Which disproves our hypothesis that they were only going after the vegetarians on purple team #science.

Green team went to reef 46 and were sad to see that it was mostly dead and covered in algae.

Time to continue working on our results!




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