Day 18: G-I-S-S-I-N-G

Today I woke up to a nice, breezy, and partly cloudy morning. As I woke up, my mind was on automatic pilot, and it seemed like another wonderful day. It wasn’t until later that I realized today was different, that today would be the beginning of the end of our journey on this island within an island. Today would mark the last day of gathering data for our results, and eventually for our report and presentation. After our routine morning preparation, we went to our class and continued to work on mapping our results using Arc GIS. During class, we had learned about different aspects of Arc GIS such as legends, and outlining. Each of the four groups had time to practice using Arc GIS, and add these new features into our maps. All the other groups managed their time well and had contributed to their results, however the Red Manta Rays had spent most the time trying to troubleshoot a plethora of problems with the computer that we worked on. After a long period and a great deal of frustration later, it was then scientifically diagnosed that the computer was haunted and had a vendetta against us. Each time we tried to make process, the program would then cancel it, and eventually would no longer respond. We thought that changing computers would solve the silliness that occurred, but was to no avail.

After class was finished we all got ready for the research and met up at the boat docks. It was then that we were joined by three adorable ducklings without their mother. One of them was clearly the leader, as the others followed where it went. Everyone was overjoyed by their presence and had a great time watching them walk around and nibble on things in the grass. After departing from the ducklings, each team went to their respective patch reefs and conducted their surveys. The Blue Team was blessed and saw a 1-2ft barracuda on reef 13, and Red Mantas saw painted nudibranchs and a dive-bombing porcupine pufferfish on reef 26 (which was weird ha-ha). The Red Mantas then had some free time and snorkeled around reef 44 and the Purple Team free-dove to a shipwreck.

Once everyone returned, there was no scheduled class and most the students had visited the “mainland” of Oahu for snacks and dinner at the Windward mall. We all have been eagerly awaiting the barbecue event tomorrow, and perhaps will be able to share of the fun we will have with our visiting friends and family.










Painted Nudibranch



Porcupine Pufferfish








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