Day 20: All Sun-gia, No Fungia, and No Worries et al.

The students woke up today with the knowledge that it would be our last encounter with Biology 403 field work in the bay, which left a bittersweet taste in our wetsuits. It was the first time that it truly felt as though our adventure was winding down when it would be the last time entering the water. Heartache washed over us as we took our final plunge into the ocean to collect our last bits of data for our research.

We took a final trip to the sandbar, only to be enslaved by our teaching assistants. With scrubbers in hand, the students cleaned algae off the underside of the boats, and then enjoyed some much needed relaxation on the sand and fun in the sun. It was a beautiful and fitting end to our four weeks of field work.





Dinner was a great pesto pasta made by Baylee and Bri. We are all hard at work with finishing up our presentations and papers, making sure to correctly site references and proofread our writings. Although the group is clearly feeling that the end is near, the real work starts now. Like they say, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish”.

(By the way, the title is what you find when you Google “Define: sarcasm”. We’re all more stressed than a couple o’ Fungia on a hot, acidic reef top in South Bay).

- Kevyn and Enrique

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