Day 21 – pHun in the Kitchen





Sorry! Mike here, forgot to post last night, everyone was working on their final papers and trying to polish up the final presentation.

Somehow, purple team found time to make everyone some amazing taquitos and quesadillas!



The end is near, miss the good old days of field work!


Fungia Dreams

4 weeks on island

A vacation dream

Yet here we are

With still no sleep


The grand blue sea

Beckoned us

With promises

Of research lust


We surveyed long

We surveyed deep

We surveyed fungia

Even in our dreams


We saw turtles

and sharks and rays

we saw it all

throughout the bay


It was amazing

But sad to say

Now we come

To our last day


Mahalo to all the students, staff, teachers, and mentors who helped us along the way!


purpleteamPurple team enjoying the sun


IMG_0978Team Verde day 4


redteamRed Mantas cheesin’



Blue Team chilling on the boat!





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