Day 2: A New Year, new students, and a new project!


We have a great new class of Bio 403: Field Problems in Marine Biology students. A little bit smaller than last yearʻs cohort, 9 adventurous souls have boarded Research Vessel Moku o Loʻe for a 4 week tour of Kāneʻohe Bay to study the thriving population of green sea turtles! Recent research suggests the turtles have modified their diet to include alien, invasive algae species and are contributing to the algaeʻs decline. Like most good science, this new revelation brings up more questions than it answers. How many turtles live in the Bay? What do they eat? What are they doing?! Do they know karate and fight petty criminals? We hope we can answer these questions and more.

Yesterday we had an introduction day on the UH – Manoa campus and today we came out to Coconut Island. The students got settled into their dorms. We brought them enough food to feed a data-collection army. They started working on some GIS and GPS projects. And we went for a swim!

We are all really excited to get started with this summerʻs research project. Although the first few days are more relaxed, things are going to get busy fast! We only have 4 weeks to do some really cool marine biology research and every day counts. Stay tuned to read all about the work we are doing. Plus, weʻll share pictures of all the fun we have and lots and lots of TURTLES!

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