Day 5: Sandbars and Studies

We all started our day by waking up early around 7:30 and dragging ourselves out of bed for 3 hours of GIS work starting at 9:00. Waking up early could have possibly been a result of FINALLY getting some good sleep last night. Our assignments were short the night before, so we were all lights out by 10pm. On top of the extra sleep, we’re all getting into the swing of things. Our boat was all packed up and ready to go with half an hour to spare before class.


GIS made us (for lack of a better word), crabby. Three hours of computer freezes and losing completed work wasn’t really the best way to start off the day, but on the bright side, it could only get better from there (and we of course learned a lot too). And it did…

DSCF2357 DSCF2376

For the remainder of our work day, we went around K-Bay observing different algal flats looking for turtles. We started out by taking a trip down to the south bay and stopping first at a site named pyramid hill outside the marine base. Compared to yesterday the conditions were much worse. The wind had picked up and the visibility was very poor making it a not the best day for a dive, however we toughed it out for the turtles. Not many turtles were seen in the south bay only a small turtle who was most likely trying to run away from our boats. Swimming there was not much to see except long flats of algae and coral rubble…but not turtles! Later on in the day the sun came out a little so we  decided to take a trip a trip out to the infamous Kaneohe Sandbar. We found lots of creatures and critters, but were only able to see a few small fleeing turtles. We ended our day by heading back to coconut island and chowing down on some ono chilli mac.IMG_1494

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