Day 10: Hot Day on the Bay

DSCF4061 - CopyWe drug ourselves out of bed, made breakfast and lunch, and were on our way to the classroom (The usual routine). This morning we were introduced to using Hobos. We had noticed on days of field work that some sites were really warm (We said it felt like bathwater) and some sites were noticeably colder and we thought this might be interesting to take data on. We decided to use these small little temperature readers to help us see fluctuations, if any, of temperature between a few of our past visited reefs. we then discussed more about our game plan for the day and decided we wanted to tag more turtle beds, as we felt that we didn’t tag enough yesterday. So around 11am, we started off on our day on the bay.




The first spot we visited was good ol’ reef 43. This reef has always promised good visibility, lots of turtles, and healthy coral, so its always a fun dive. we decided to put a total of 25 tags on areas that we believed to be turtle beds. This proved harder than it seemed. Trying to tie a small ribbon in 15 to 20ft of water with the buoyancy of your wet suit pulling you to the surface makes this a difficult task. It becomes even more challenging when you’re in 5 feet of water trying to tie your tag around a rock that is just out of reach. Trevor said it looked pretty funny to see everyone’s fins wildly thrashing in the air trying to stay down under the water long enough to tie a double knot. The next places we visited was reef 25 and 28 where we deployed our hobos. We left them long enough to get an accurate temperature reading which gave us time to relax and wait for a short period of time (This was much easier than tagging turtle beds). Overall this was another fun and exciting hot day on the bay.




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