Day 12: Data collection…… FINALLY

Today started like most, we got ready for snorkeling, made breakfast and lunches, and prepared our boats. When we meet in the classroom, Dr. Hunter approached us with the question, ” So what do you guy want to look at today?” During our morning discussion we decided to make 2 teams (groups of 4 and 5) rather than 3 teams of 3. Our team names consisted of the bottom feeders and the turtle team. Today was our first field day where we got to go out with our equipment and collect some data.


The turtle team checked out all the places of interest in south bay, (YMCA, Lilipuna Pier, and Gobi Bay) and checked the perimeter for turtles, as well as all the crevasses a turtle could be hiding. During their investigations, this team saw a large female turtle with a huge chunk of her shell missing. We all wonder what happened to this turtle, and hope for the best for her. Turtle team also saw a sea horse at the YMCA just chilling in the water enjoying the sunshine.


The bottom feeders surveyed two reefs today. They looked at the fringing reef next to He’eia fish pond, and patch reef 14. At He’eia fish pond, this team was able to find a high density of gracilaria sp.  There was a lot of sediment here, so visibility was low and it was low tide, so they had a hard time finding an inlet to get to the middle of the reef. Once in the middle of the reef, they set up their transects, quadrats, HOBOs, and gps, and got very busy analyzing everything on our benthic seas. Next the bottom feeders went to patch reef 14. This reef was really beautiful, but not nearly as much gracilaria sp. Unfortunately as one of the divers was preparing themselves, they dropped their snorkel in the water. Now that snorkel is 37 feet below the surface. :(


Finally both teams got back to the dorms, rinsed off, and took a couple minutes to rest. Tonight Mike made us spaghetti and marinara sauce. This really hit the spot for us. Later in the night we reconvened and worked on our introduction for our final paper. Almost two weeks done, time is flying!!

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Lexi Fryer

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