Day 16: Day Octopus in the Early Morning

We woke to the sound of our alarms and faint sunlight at 5:50 am. We decided we wanted an early day last night, so we could collect more data. We groggily got out of bed, got ready, and headed to the boats. Our two teams had their missions as we set out on the bay. The water was so calm the sky was mirrored on the bay.





Benthic Team headed off towards are Reef 28, 36, and Marker 12. Reef 28 was a bit shallow, but other than that data collection went off without a hitch. And as Benthic Team was finishing up our last site of the day, we finally saw something really cool…A DAY OCTOPUS!!


Turtle Team, on the other hand, returned to Reef 42, 43, and Turtle Town. Turtle Team ended up seeing a total 36 turtles today throughout their sites. Turtle bed was also checked again to see if they were occupied. Turtle Team then headed to Turtle town where it was noticed that Amanda’s snorkel had gone missing. Turtle Team surveyed Turtle Town and headed back to 42 and 43 in hopes of finding Amanda’s lost snorkel. They searched and searched, but the snorkel was nowhere to be found. As all hope seemed gone and they returned to the boat a miracle happened and Tess found the lost snorkel. With the snorkel found Turtle Team headed to their final site Reef 34.


Both Teams headed back for lunch and a nice afternoon nap. Slightly more rested we headed back to the classroom for our last appointment of the day a presentation on Hawaiian herbivores. The presentation was held by our guest speaker Eileen Nalley. She talked about the research she has been doing for her Ph.D. She has been researching if species with more general diets have become more prevalent in reef habitats were human impact was higher. Like pigeons and rats being more prevalent in cities than other species. Once the really interesting presentation by Eileen was over, we thanked her and headed back to our dorms for taco salad and data analysis.

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