Day 19: Man o Man o’ War

With a little more sleep under our belts, we arose at 7:30 this morning for another day filled with data collection by both teams. At 8:30 we headed out to prepare our boats and meet in the classroom to discuss our plans for the rest of the day. After deciding on where each team needed to go for the day both teams went out to sea. Unfortunately, today it was very windy, so the current was fast, and the waves were high, but both teams fought on with varying levels of success. Benthic Team headed first to reef 6 to do both a turtle and benthic survey. Most of the time fish and other sea life try to avoid us as we go about our data collecting, but today we were accompanied by a little friend, what we believe is a juvenile golden trevally.


After collecting our data Benthic Team spent the rest of their time picking up our old turtle bed tags and explored the reef affectionately named sliver reef. While collecting tags and exploring, Lexi and Aubreigh were both stung by a man o’ wars. Man ‘o war stings usually feel like a bad bee sting for anyone who’s concerned.


Turtle Team started their day by heading to our most northern reef, Marker 12. As Turtle Team started their data collection disaster struck again and every member of Turtle Team got stung by man o’ wars as well. After being stung data collection went on as normal, but maybe with a more cautious eye to the threats that lurk among us. As the day wound down, we were treated to another presentation by a guest speaker.



Our guest speaker today was Danny Coffey a grad student in the shark lab at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology. He presented about the research he has done with six-gill sharks and how they attach tags to them to monitor the depths at which they live. As the day winds down we look forward to our last day of data collection with joy and slight fear at the trials that await us next week.

P.s. Gavin jinxed the man oʻ war stingings, so he made it up with baked spaghetti.

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