Day 21: BBQ!

We started off our final week with a BBQ today. By 3:30, all of the students converged on the dorms, ready to set this thing up. While the set-up crew brought all the meat, buns, condiments, and assorted cutlery to the beach house, the three of us cooking began on the bacon in the dorms. Once we finished with that, the three of us met everyone else at the beach house to start cooking the main dishes. The regular burgers cooked great, but our black bean burgers were a tad crumbly. We forgot to thaw the vegetarian burgers, so those took a bit longer to cook, but I think everyone liked them! At least no one complained to us about anything being undercooked!


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By 5, everyone arrived, hungry to eat. A rush of people crowded the food table, piling plates high with burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, corn, and chips. Everyone ate happily around their tables, engrossed in conversation. I tried to take a picture when no one was looking, but it looks Tess may have spotted me.

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It was during this time that we had our only casualty of the night. As the charcoal was dying down into embers, I went to flip one of the vegetarian burgers. As I flipped it, the patty fell from my spatula and slid between the slats of the grill, lost to charcoal. I didn’t know how many we would need for everyone, but at the time I thought perhaps it was fate telling me we cooked one too many. Writing this now, it was fate telling me to stop cooking them, since we still have 3 leftover.

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As the night was winding Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bahr went in front of our friends and family to say a few words. They presented a turtle and hammerhead shark trinket to our TAs before revealing a cake with all of our faces on it. After a short photoshoot, we all dug in!

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Eventually, it was time to go. We bid our farewells to everyone, but for only a week. Friday is our final presentation, so we have this to finish collecting our data, analyze it, and compile it into our report by then. Wish us luck everyone!

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