Day: 24 – Making the Final Push

This morning began slightly later than usual with most of us sleeping in longer than intended. Not having the pressure of prepping the boats for 8:30 A.M. was comforting, but with that in mind it feels bizarre not being in the water for two days in a row. The feeling is quite reminiscent of being a fish out of water. We gradually readied ourselves for our 9:00 A.M. meeting with Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bahr to discuss what is in store for the remaining few days.

Our meeting began with thoroughly discussing the ins and outs of our final report. Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bahr made some suggestions regarding how we are presenting our findings and generally how to create a natural flow of the paper. The final report is due tomorrow, but I am confident in my groups’ abilities and believe this paper will be stunning. After discussing the final report, we move swiftly on to talking about our presentation this Friday. Dr. Bahr provided some general advice on presenting, and later we fiddled with the presentation and shared some laughs about Tess’s photos (we love you Tess). We have plenty of work to do on it since we have been occupied with our report, but all the preparation we are doing on Thursday will leave us more than ready.

Dr. Bahr went on to give a presentation on professional development and our future as marine biologists. In my entire academic career, there has never been a single class or talk discussing how to simply be an adult. Education seems to be focused on developing critical thinking, which is valuable, but lacks advice on tackling life. Given this lack of life skills throughout my education, Dr. Bahr’s presentation was extremely valuable for beginning our future careers.

With the final report and presentation ahead of us, it is difficult to believe that there is only 37 hours and 40 minutes (from the time I am writing this) left of this journey. It is hard to imagine being here and experiencing this with anyone else except these goof balls. I am grateful for being able to go on this expedition with you guys.

Written by: Gavin Armstead

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