Gettin our Junk outta da Bunk!

This morning started very calmly in the dorms with many of us being able to sleep in. It was nice knowing the we didn’t have to prep the boats and make our lunches at 8 in the morning. Many of us just made our own breakfasts, then headed up to the classroom to start our first practice presentation with Dr. Bahr and Kaitlyn. Once we were in the classroom we had gone over some announcements about clean up in the dorms and how our day will look on Friday.

At 9 am we started our very rough first presentation for just Dr. Bahr and Kaitlyn. And of course, we had our technical difficulties with the projector and computers, but this will  be cleaned up by the second round of practice presentations. After our presentation Dr. Bahr and Kaitlyn gave us very helpful comments and suggestions to make our presentation more appealing and our talk more interesting. During our time to make these edits on our presentation, we were also working hard to finish and polish our final report. We had finally finalized that darn report we have all been working very hard on for the last almost four weeks. That felt like a weight was lifted off all of our chests. We just hope that Dr. Hunter and Dr. Bahr think it is as good as we think it is.

When 1:00pm came around we prepared ourselves for our second practice presentation. Our presentation lasted about 40 minutes and went a lot smoother than our first trial. This time Trevor and Dr. Bahr were our audience and gave us even more helpful comments to further improve our quality and content. Directly after our discussion we were instructed to complete the peer reviews on our classmates and instructors.

Finally we all headed back to the dorms and made further edits on our presentation. Some of us were finally able to catch up on a little bit of sleep that we’ve been missing for the last month. Others went to the Windward mall to get some presentation attire and some parting gifts for our instructors for tomorrow. Jacob made us a very warming corn and broccoli chowder. This was a very nice last dinner with the group. Throughout the night all of use have been working hard to pack our personal belongings and make sure that the dorms are up to HIMB expectations. Overall this group was a pleasure to work with. I think we are all very glad knowing that we are able to sleep in our own beds tomorrow. Ahhhh!!!!

Written by: Lexi Fryer

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