Study day at Coconut Island!

After a great breakfast, we all headed up to the education building in which Lisa was waiting. Today was another GIS learning day! From 9 to 12, we all went over a bunch of tutorials that taught us the basics of GIS – Geographic Information System!

James and Lauren making spam musubies early in the morning!

During lunch, our experienced TA Chris came over to give us some advice about mapping coral reefs. We now have a better idea of how to fully survey a circular reef. Anuschka also came over and gave us a good pep talk!

At 1:30 the group met back at the classroom and resumed working with GIS mapping. And at 4pm, we all had mapped our first data points on a map! This is the result of one of our groups:


At the end of our educational day, Kelvin came over to talk about landscape ecology and population genetics of corals. We then headed off for some r&r at gyu-kaku followed by a spectacular lasagna dinner prepared by Ceina! Here are some pictures taken during the day!

Dan studying

Gyu-Kaku "meat", with the group!


Mahalo muchos!


Peter Yu

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