Technological Hurricanes and Cartographer’s Fugues.

‘Twas the best of classes; it was the worst of classes. It was the somber confinement of an arid classroom; it was the epitome of cartography. It was an ArcGIS lecture; it was definitely NOT the French revolution… although some may relate the two with a common term: “bloodbath”.

Despite the fact this band of 9 misfit miscreants liken themselves more to those history has labeled as both “pirate” and “poet”,  they had to rise with the sun this morning to the sound of a hot running projector and map making lessons; proving they have davinci-like qualities as well. Joined by fate and one UH marine biology summer course, they set forth a day of arduous work in order to further understand the enigma that is ArcGIS.


Few things in this life successfully capture the vast beauties that nature possesses, yet, incredibly difficult as it was, it would seem no task is too ponderous for me and my comrades! The fishponds of Kaneohe bay are vast and separated by wide expanses of RoLlInG land and ROARING sea, yet such attributes as streams and watersheds were sung into the pages of this cartographer’s fugue as though one had mapped Bach’s canon per tonos.

In a dazzling display of artistic ability and computer skills the 9 heroes braved a myriad of diabolical technological obstacles in the pursuit of better maps for future expeditions!  Limited internet access may be a sharp axe held tight to the throat of modern programs and the high potential of GIS programming but the adept minds of our faithful Captain Lisa Wedding and first mate Chris Runyon are a formidable shield and cutlass.

And “perseverance” was our mantra as we creased the mental sheet and the proverbial tempest took hold of our mainsail pulling us forth into the hurricane of ArcGIS! Nine brilliant minds walked into a classroom this morning. Seven hours later, 6 sublime maps were produced and the brilliant, charismatic, strikingly good looking, incredibly worn out Marine biologists retired to their palace to dine upon some amazing pasta while looking forward to a day of field work to come on the morrow.

Until further days to come, this is Dan “Danimal” DeSmidt, once again signing off this “coconut telegraph”.


–seriously though this stuff is hard and frustrating but fun. Night everybody! :)

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3 Responses to “Technological Hurricanes and Cartographer’s Fugues.”

  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    now I wanna see all your maps… Hope they are ready for me to check out tomorrow. ;-)

  2. anuinhawaii Says:

    ..and… which fishpond map won?

  3. Keisha Says:

    Everyone got a trophy :p

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