Day 16: Shout outs!

We woke up early this morning to bacon, eggs, and rice. James thought this would be a perfect day to start off our first of three field days in a row. After breakfast, Lauren and James made some more spam musubies for lunch. Then we geared up and headed out to the field. Each boat went their separate ways to collect sediment traps for the Montipora group (AKA group AWESOME). Group awesome went to reef 47, group 2 went to reef 44, and group 3 went to reef 54 to collect sediment traps for each tagged coral colony. At reef 54, another group member was stung by a man o’ war. The first was Ceina and the second was Lauren. Now, this was actually Lauren 2nd sting during our survey, but her first at reef 54. After each boat collect the sediment traps at each reef, we met up at the sand bar for Lingula surveys. After finding very small and very few Lingula, we had lunch. Most of us had spam musubies and/or pesto pasta (from last nights dinner). I am not a spam lover, so I had left over pasta. Yummy! Thanks Lauren. We finished up lunch with a nice visit from Ceina’s “family” (four sea turtles graced us with their presence). Then we headed for Reefs 11 and 15 for our favorite surveying techniques of Montipora dilatata. After a long field day, we crawled back into the boat and managed to get Anuschka back to the dock by 4PM.

After returning home, my group (group awesome) processed our sediment traps with much guidance from Chris. Tonight we are having chili for dinner, which will be cooked by Peter! We cannot wait!

Turtle on Reef 15


Check out our shout outs to our family and friends…

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9 Responses to “Day 16: Shout outs!”

  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    nice! ;-)

  2. anuinhawaii Says:

    by the way. If you guys wanna post more pics you can post them on the Photos page!

  3. anuinhawaii Says:

    I LOVE the shout-out!!! had to laugh sooo haaard!!!! Good job all of you!!

  4. madi kosma Says:

    LOOOVE you
    “Woof Woof” yoshi

  5. Linda Perrin-Rodriguez Says:

    I just discovered this website yesterday so have been trying to catch up. It’s really fun & interesting to read the blogs, look at the pics & watch the vids. Keep up the good work! …and a special “shout-out” to my daughter-in-law WIFEY!

  6. Sue Meagher, Emily's Mom Says:

    Hi Guys thanks for the wonderful shout outs. It made my day. I am proud of all of you. Keep up the good work.

    Emily’s Mom

  7. Tracey George Emily"s favorite aunt Says:

    Where is my Shout Out! Great job!! Emily’s Favorite Aunt.

  8. Crystaljem Says:

    Hey everyone! Finally caught up on the blog :) You guys def seem like you’re getting a lot done and gaining such a great experience! Love the entries, photos, and vids. James, Kaya and I are missing you like crazy! Only a little while more to go though, so push forward and keep up the hardwork! Love you xo

  9. Iara Says:

    Whataaa!!!! This is really cute!!! And although you say Montipora is the AWESOME group, I bet Pocillopora would be better =P I miss you bestie! ANd I am glad you are having a good time! You forgot the people in Brazil1! haha!! xoxo

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