Day 17: LINGULA!!!!!!

After a group meeting this morning, it was decided that we would be going to three lingula sites today. We consulted with Kosta, Chris, and Christina and decided to go to the Sandbar, Pyramid, and a place we have named the Pier (next to the coconut island pier). The weather was not very nice when we got to the sandbar and we had a very hard time finding lingula, but after awhile we found the lingula and moved on to the pier, where anchoring for me, Dan, Mo and Chris was a little difficult, but we did it!!!!!! Unfortunately the pier was very disappointing in terms of finding the lingula. Following the pier we stayed on the boat and ate some very wet, soggy sandwiches and left over chili from last night. Last we headed up to pyramid where the weather was finally looking up and lingula WAS FOUND!!!!!! We headed back home to coconut and put the finishing touches on our materials and methods which are due tonight. Everyone then escaped the island and went out to dinner at Gyo-taku and Ruby Tuesdays for some awesome hamburgers and steak…mmmmmm. We finished off the night back on the island singing karaoke!!!!! Tomorrow we will be our last field day…so sad:(

til tomorrow!

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  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    nice pics ;-)

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