Day 18: Some fun in the Sun

Because we are all such proactive students and finished all our research already, today was just a day to relax and explore parts of Kane’ohe Bay that we had not been to yet. We also had some guests today, Chuck and Will, who took some aerial photographs of Reefs 44 and 43 for us. Thanks guys!! They also got some awesome shots of the group hanging out on Reef 43 where it was “my family reunion” (at least 6 sea turtles graced us with their presence). Unfortunately though, after a quick swim with the group, they had to leave around noon, so while Captain Kosta and Instructor Lisa drove them back, the rest of us got to lie out in our boats and work on our tans. After a while of relaxing, we jumped back in the water at Octopus’s Garden for another quick swim and some diving competitions. Finally we decided to head back in so people could head home for the weekend. Some people went home while others just went out to dinner. I on the other hand reminded myself why I fell in love with the marine world by watching Disneynature’s Oceans (definitely one to check out for any marine lovers out there).

Thanks again to Chuck and Will for coming out today, and that’s all for this Saturday report. Have a good night!!



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