DAY 19: Last week at Coconut Island :(


Thanks for checking in! It’s been three epic weeks so far, and today marked the beginning of our final week here at Coconut Island. In the past three weeks, we’ve all learned more than we ever thought imaginable. We have gathered dozens of hours of field work experience surveying coral reefs, learned the amazing GIS “program of the future” ArcGIS, and absorbed everything it takes to become an aspiring marine biologist.

Time has flown by so fast, and our final days are quickly approaching. This week we will be working diligently on our final reports and powerpoint presentations.

But before we got into the full swing of things, we got to show our skills behind the wheel, as we got checked-out to be small boat operators here at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology. Jason Jones, Marine Safety Officer, took us all around Kane’ohe Bay as he watched and tested us driving, anchoring, and docking the boats.

Our hungry bellies were filled with a delicious Goulash meal cooked by Keisha, to fuel us as we work meticulously on our projects. We will be drinking lots of coffee all week, so we apologize if we are a little on edge! Check in later to see our progress throughout the week!!



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3 Responses to “DAY 19: Last week at Coconut Island :(”

  1. Anuinhawaii Says:

    Good one James! ;-)

  2. Crystaljem Says:

    If only you spoke as proper as you write! Haha just kidding :) I don’t say it enough, but I’m honestly super proud of you! Talking over the past few weeks, I can tell you’ve developed such a passion for marine biology, and this experience has definitely contributed to that :) . I’ll see you in 8 days!!! xo Crystal.

  3. Uncle Tim Says:

    Madi, I have been enjoying the posts since day one. I am going to miss reading about your teams adventures and seeing the photos of your work. Everyone have a fun final week on the island.

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