Day 20: Another Day in Paradise

Hello everybody!

Today was another giving day on-board Moku O Loe! Like most other mornings, today was no different. That is, it started out with great, finger licking pancakes made by James and Keisha. After breakfast, we packed our computers and headed over to our classroom for another day working on our final papers. With only a few days left, now is the time to get our data analyzed in order to see any apparent trends or correlations (statistically significant results that is). Thus, today was mainly devoted to work on statistics and GIS mapping.

Here are some of the results of today’s work!

Around noon, Lisa had a quick presentation about letter references and what to think about when applying for internships/grad schools etc. Thanks Lisa, we all got many good tips that will help us in the future! A bit later, our other favorite teacher came over to bring us students some good advice and tips about whatever questions we had regarding our work. Thanks to the help of our teachers, we all made the deadline at 6:30 to turn in our results ;-)

After a long day in the classroom, we all took a well-deserved break. Our beloved Mo prepared dinner, and it was epic, just like the breakfast.

Dinner memories:


At this moment, we are back in the classroom working on our discussion section that’s due tomorrow! Writing papers may be fun.. but we miss the days out in the field…

See you all tomorrow,


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  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    nice job! ;-)

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