Computer Screens Galore

Today was yet another day in the classroom.  We started bright and early this morning powering through our discussion sections.  As some group members worked on the discussion sections other group members worked on the power point presentations which the groups are giving on Friday.  The entire reports are due tomorrow and all day we have been working on them and tomorrow looks like it is going to be the same.  As you can see by the pictures these papers are getting the best of us and we are getting tired of looking at computer screens.  After we turned in our discussion sections we were able to give quick run-throughs of our power points to Lisa and she gave us all great advice to how we could expand and change them for the finals on Friday.


Lauren hard at work on her GIS maps


Madison and Peter putting together the discussion


Keisha and Ceina putting together their power point presentation

Tonight was our last night all together as a family because Keisha is leaving for a family trip tomorrow afternoon so we went off the island for dinner, some to Gyu-Kaku and some to Arbys; it was a great vacation from staring at the computer screens and just what we needed regain our focus on our projects.

The Arbys Crew

windward mall...our second home over here

Sorry this blog is so short but we’ve got a lot of work still to do on our papers!  But it has been a great time out here at coconut and I’m sure gonna miss everyone!

–Emily :)

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2 Responses to “Computer Screens Galore”

  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    ok, now back to work… ;-)

  2. Sue Meagher, Emily's Mom Says:

    Thanks all of you for keeping me entertained over the last few weeks. It has been great watching you. I am proud of you Emily.

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