Welcome Biology 301L students!!!

Dear Biology 301L students!!

Welcome to the Lab of your Marine Ecology and Evolution class this semester. You will see this Lab will give you exposure to all kinds of new and fun things. We will explore several habitats in Hawaii apply your knowledge from lecture and former Biology and other classes to get to know the marine environment a little better.

This class is writing intensive and you will apply your writing skills in many different ways. You will learn how to write a scientific paper in the proper format but also how to convey your adventures and experiences around Marine Biology to a wider audience by using this blog. Each of you will contribute one blog entry  throughout the semester which you can share with friends and family. Your TA will give you some more instructions and a sign-up sheet soon.

Your Biology 301L staff

from left to right: Emilie Richards (TI), Anuschka Faucci (Lab coordinator), Rachel Dacks (TA), Jon Whitney (TA)

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