Arabian Gulf Struggles to Protect Marine Life

Here the first post of one of the 2012 Biol 301L students:

A lot of the time people are focused on military politics in that region of the world instead of looking at the environment, which should be an equally import part of governmental policy. The United States isn’t the only nation that is struggling to fight for the preservation of unique marine habitats; and it’s important to recognize that the goal of conservation and having healthy ecosystems is a worldwide objective.

Here are some pictures that I took from around Oahu while snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and diving at North Shore. I chose them simply because I think they look nice; but also because it’s a privilege to be able to be here and see them in close proximity. If people are more conscientious about conservation, preservation, and building healthy ecosystems then hopefully more people will have the chance to see and learn about these animals; and maybe even be inspired to work on their behalf like I was.

Kate Nesbit

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