Plastic Island the Size of Texas?!

Word has gotten around over the passed decade or so of the giant plastic island floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or the North Pacific Gyre, to be exact.  Rumor has it that this gyre spins in a clockwise fashion, capturing any debris, mainly plastic, which comes in close proximity of it.  It has also been suggested that all of this plastic which has accumulated in this area has reached the colossal size of the state of Texas!  Given the amount of plastic bags utilized each day by the millions of people in the United States alone, this estimated girth of garbage in the Pacific does not (sadly) come to much surprise.  I became extremely concerned when I innocently went searching for sea glass on a beach off the camping grounds of Malaekahana back in October.  Instead of finding sea glass, I found what I like to call, “sea plastic.”  And not just one or two pieces…I found TONS!

This is when I began spreading the rumor, frantically, about the giant plastic island floating in the Pacific Ocean.  Of course, I came across a skeptic who had to research the matter for himself, in which he provided this video he found on youtube for me.  I found this quite interesting, especially since the Hawaiian Islands are mentioned.

-Miranda Rancourt

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