Honolulu Fish Auction

For class we went to the fish auction at pier 38.  This was my first time going to the new fish auction.  Before it was by point panic and kiwalo basin.  My family and I used to go down there a lot because my uncle used to work at the old fish auction.  It was a fun experience to go and visit the new auction and it brought back a lot of memories from when I was younger.

The fish auction on pier 38 is the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine and it is the only fresh tuna auction of its kind in the United States.  They started the Hawaii Fish Auction on August 5, 1952.  They have come up with a way that cuts out the middleman by having individual fishermen sell their catch to the auction for a fair price.  This system makes it fair for the fishermen by offering them fair prices and makes sure that they are paid on the same day the fish is brought in.  The fish are brought in from the boats and are displayed on pallets for everyone to see and bid on.  The higher the quality of fish the more the fish will sell for per pound.








I think that the way that the auction operates is a lot better than how they do it in other parts of the world.  It makes it fairer to the fishermen by giving them fair prices for their catches.  The auction is also open to the public which means that anyone can go down and bid on a fish if they want to, but I am sure that it will get confusing if you don’t know what you are doing.

-Carson Chun

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