James Cameron to pilot deep sea submersible

For most people the thought of James Cameron makes you think of his Hollywood blockbusters such as Avatar, Titanic, or the Terminator; however, in the coming weeks James Cameron may become more well known for his contributes to deep sea voyaging. Cameron, aside from being a well known producer and screen writer, is a National Geographic Society Explorer in-residence and has completed an impressive 72 submersible dives. Now, James Cameron is about to add another impressive submersible dive to his resume.

In the coming weeks, Cameron, in collaboration with National Geographic and Rolex, plans to pilot the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible into the Mariana Trench’s deepest point, the challenger deep. The challenger deep lies ~6.83 miles below the oceans surface, which is deeper than the peak of Mt Everest. To put it in perspective, if Mt Everest were to be placed in the trench the peak would still remain about a mile underwater. The purpose for the expedition is to further understand the biology and geology that occurs at such great depths. The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER is a one person piloted submersible outfitted with numerous cameras as well as a mechanical arm all with the intent to conduct tests, collect samples, and film the expedition in HD as well as 3D footage.

The Deep Sea Challenge expedition can be followed at:


From here viewers can learn more about the submersible, the Mariana Trench, previous submersible dives in the trench, the deep-sea challenger team, and the expedition itself.

-Danielle Garcia



The DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition (2012) Retrieved March 12, 2012, from http://deepseachallenge.com/


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