BIOL 403 @ UH Manoa Another year on Coconut Island

The University of Hawai’i at Manoa proves to be yet again a source of smart and talented undergraduates as the Biology 403 Field Problems in Marine Biology course returns to its home on Coconut Island for the month of June 2012!

Today, ten undergraduates began their quest to study two NOAA species of concern as they begin their journey to new discoveries and challenges in Kaneohe Bay. It was a full day-to say the least- and began at Lilipuna Pier where we loaded up the shuttle boat and the van, claimed our dorms and stalked the house with food for the month, personal luggage and all the technical materials and equipment we will need for field surveys starting later this week. After a quick break we met in the classroom for some boating education taught by boat operations lead Jason Jones to get some tips on the small water crafts that the students will be professionals at driving in no time!

There was no time to rest and afterwards the students headed out on their GPS scavenger hunt (where they hunted for unknown locations around the island) and luckily everyone was great at using the GPS units that will become their best friends during actual surveys out on the reefs! Plus, no one got lost either J

We rapped up the day with a snorkel session in Goby Bay, (so they could prove that they are all real marine biologists and can swim!) And will be back in Goby Bay tomorrow for the first water survey of the summer. Tonight its spaghetti for dinner and fighting for the best bunks!


Stay tuned for more scientific adventure to come!

Mo (course TA)



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