First day in the field….

Hi our names are Ty Shitanaka and Mireielle Steck! We are currently taking a Biology 403 class on Coconut Island. So far, we’ve mostly been exploring Kaneohe Bay and trying to think about what research to perform with our two species of concern Lingula reevii and Montipora dilatata. In the morning we did an exercise right outside our dorm using techniques that we would need in the field. Unbeknownst to us, dangerous creatures awaited us! Hydroids with stinging cells grew right off of the dock where we dove in, and upside down jellyfish ambushed many of us as we were doing our field exercises. Needless to say, many of us ended up with rashes from the encounters (some worse than others). After that episode, we took a short break and then headed out to reef 11 in order to collect snails. We zoomed to the sandbar after collecting snails, and took a short lunch break. Then we attempted to look for Lingula reevii but were mostly unsuccessful. They are super hard to find as their shell is about an inch across, and the only evidence of them is three small parallel holes sticking out of the sand. After that we headed back home and took a shower and snack break. After that, we had a guest speaker Dr. Kim Peyton that talked to us about experimental design. Andy cooked chicken scampi for dinner and it was super good!

-Ty and Mireielle























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