A successful field day

Today was a successful day, no one got stung by Jelly Fish, YAY!!! We finally came across 3 Montipora dilatatacolonies at Reef 44 after two unsuccessful attempts. The first time at Reef 44, we were unable to find M. dilatata but we did see a plethora of rambunctious Green Sea Turtles.  We then traveled to the sandbar and saw some more turtles (especially their poop).  We also spotted some Lingula reevii (in more ways than one).  These turquoise blue brachiopods dig themselves into the sediment and leave three pin holes in the sand.  Two courageous groups headed back to Reef 44 where they FINALLY spotted new colonies of Montipora dilatata.  The sight of the purple incandescent coral was breathtaking amidst the murky water.  The colony was composed of platting, encrusting, as well as fingering corals.  The unique M. dilatata feature that our crew is looking for is flattened top at the extremities of the finger-like branches. The reef was difficult to maneuver around due to the low tides, inexperience with equipment and poor visibility.  Although it was initially difficult, time and practice will make sampling more time efficient and ecologically friendly. We finished up with a lab incorporating Google Earth and Piccasso software for geotagging pictures and sampling locations. We ate some of Jeff’s AMAZING TACOS and studied for our boating exam. Overall today was constructive day!
-Charley & Kim
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