Shout out to DLNR for supplying the Bio 403 class with a thousand baby sea urchins (Tripnuestes gratilla) to deploy at Reef 44! I know what you’re probably thinking right now, “He’s exaggerating.” NOPE. We spent the morning oh so carefully placing a thousand baby sea urchins next to patches of Eucheuma and Kappaphycusseaweed so they could get their nom on. This is the story of Odin, the littlest and most ambitious sea urchin I ever did meet. Let’s go back. Back to the beginning. Odin’s life started at DLNR’s aquaculture facility on Sand Island. It was there that he was raised along with his 3,500 brothers and sisters for 4 long, wholesome months before he was forced out into the cruel, hard world. You’re all probably wondering what the little tyke looks like, huh? Well you’re in for a surprise because we were able to get a close up for you!

d’awwww! Isn’t he the toughest little urchin you ever did see? I see big things happening in this one’s future.

After picking up 1000 of the 3,500 urchins DLNR had brought to the dock, Kim, Ty, and myself carefully situated the trays full of urchins in the boat and made our way over to Reef 44! They were covered in wet blankets to keep them moist. When we finally got to Reef 44 the whole class was excited and ready to get going.

There were five trays with 200 urchins each. We split up the trays between the groups and got to work!

Nine hundred and ninety-nine urchins and one Odin later, we were finished! Hopefully these little guys will keep the algae cover down at Reef 44. We ended the day with a hearty meal cooked up by Chef Cody – Loco Moco!

Jeff & Liana


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