An adventure

Today we set off at 9:38 AM to start data collection for the Montipora group, but as we left the harbor, the ever-so-calm water beckoned to us….it’s playtime. The entire Kaneohe Bay was like glass so we set out to the open sea to Moku Manu (Turtle Island), which is a bird sanctuary off of the windward side of Oahu. As we left the bay the scene abruptly became the calm before the storm. We took on each wave like we owned the place and chortled upon Poseidon’s domain. Slowly but surely the two whaler boats (teams Lingula and Montipora) took on water from each wave and were bailing along the way hoping their kidneys were intact (much like a child’s first roller coaster experience). After many sunburns, butt bruises, sea sickness, and achy bodies we got to Moku Manu and drove around to see all the giant albatross, boobies, and other birds that poop all over and make the air smell like the girl’s room.

After our adventure that will be a story (far stretched from reality) worthy for our grandchildren we set out to continue our sciency part of life to reefs 54 and 47. Here we took data and measured sizes of known Montipora dilatata colonies using GPS. We found a surprising amount of young and potentially new colonies, which is good news.

We returned home after our long day and some of us went to get some necessities (such as icecream, smores, and ace bandages) at Safeway™.  Upon our return Ryan saw a spotted eagle ray right next to Lilipuna pier (see video!), which was really cool! We ended our day with chicken pesto paninis, smores, and the discovery that Andy can control the lights via dark magic.


Quote of the day: “Ouch Charrrllayy that hurt!/ SLOOOWW DOWN CHARLLLAAYYY!!!!/Charlllay, I don’t want to go to candy mountain anymore..”


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