Day 4: Sea Leg Initiation

First day in the field to get a feel for our research sites that we will be focusing on for the next three weeks. The morning started with an early morning trip for Madison at Goby bay, where she photographed many Cassiopea sp.(upside down jellies) and some very hungry Opheodesoma spectabilis(sea cucumbers)….

Next was a trip to pyramid reef and the sand bar looking for some Lingula in Kaneohe Bay. Which BTW are very hard to spot!!!!

Last we made the trek up to Reef 44, where we met a verrrrrrrrrrry unexpected friend…

 …. and looked at some spectacular coral including the poster child for Montipora dilatata.

At the end of our journey we came back to our island home and had a great talk by Kim Peyton on how to formulate a good research project and about her project on damsel fish. After the talk we had some down time to study and make this blog and then James made an awesome pork chops with gravy and mash potatoes dinner.


Keisha, Lauren & Madison



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10 Responses to “Day 4: Sea Leg Initiation”

  1. anuinhawaii Says:

    Awesome job ladies. I love the underwater pics!!!

  2. kathryn Says:

    Nice I like following what you are all doing and the pics are great

  3. Jo Ann Says:

    Great photos and video. So much fun to follow.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Who was the “unexpected” friend? The pictures are amazing!

  5. Chris Says:

    Great picts guys, and love the dinosaur movie! Keep up the good work all!

  6. K, L, M Says:

    The unexpected friend is in the dinosaur video! (link is above group photo!) Check it out!

  7. Sue Meagher, Emily's Mom Says:

    Great pictures. It is really fun following what you guys are doing. I wish I could take this class. Have fun!

  8. Nicole Says:

    Oh! The video didn’t show up for me last time! That’s awesome!

  9. mindy meininger (keisha's mom) Says:

    Very nice! Love all the pictures! Nice to follow what my lovely daughter is doing! Thanks! And have fun! Love u Keisha!

  10. Soltik Joel Says:

    I would love to ride on the turtle….by the way nice pix and vids

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