Learning Day

In two words, today was a “learning day.”  It was Dr. Lisa Wedding’s first day teaching us and boy did she TEACH US!  After we all introduced ourselves, Lisa wasted no time getting right into today’s lecture, and time was of the essence because we had a lot to get through today.  However, it seemed as though the GIS gods were unhappy because as we all turned on our computers… we lost internet connection!!!  Luckily Lisa was very organized and had “non-internet” things for us to work on while we waited for the connection to return.  Some went to the kitchen to use the house internet and others stayed in the classroom.  The house wasn’t all that fun, seeing that we ran out of food.

After our labs, we had guest speaker, Alexis Rudd, talk to us about the relationship between whales and birds.  Her study was interesting, to say the least.  The journey she had before actually doing her experiment was wild and seemed like fate had found her!  She was interested in echinoderms at first, so she took a birds class (go figure), got rescued by the coast guard, and then found a man who inspired her whale/bird experiment!  Crazy!  I also have to mention that she was hilarious… before crushing Madi’s dreams of working with dolphins.  Aww.  We still believe in you, Madi!

We all got a text from Anuschka saying that she dropped off our food for the week.  Man, that was good news!  Then at 7pm, Tiff and Andy left us briefly to help with coral spawning, which our group will be helping with for the duration of the week.  For dinner, Kim cooked the best whole teriyaki chicken.  EVER.  The meat was tender, juicy, and perfectly marinated with her sweet and soy-saucy teriyaki sauce!  Then we were all good little boys and girls and wrote our “Materials and Methods” section of our proposals.

All in all, we spent the day in the classroom (and kitchen) doing GIS labs and learned that applying spatial components can provide depth to our data.  Today was a perfect day to spend indoors because it was cloudy and windy outside.  Let’s hope tomorrow holds better weather when we go out to the bay!  And no sharks please!

-Cody Gibo


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