Team spatial in action…

After a series of unexplained power outages in the dorms, we woke up in a somewhat anxious state. Today was the first day for team Spatial to set out or sediment and flow apparatuses on as many reefs as we could. After construction we set out to take data on reefs 54, 44 and 43 where we endured rain (ALL DAY!), encountered a bajillion turtles, and swam through some sketchy murky water. No matter which direction we swam, the currents were never in our favour.

After a minor setback from Team Lingula’s gasless boat, Team Spatial found them being towed across Kaneohe Bay by a bunch of sailors (Madi must have caught their attention)…jkjk just a bunch of local fishermen who gave them a tow. We almost ran aground on a reef, but thanks to the fine sailors aboard the S.S. Good Lookin’ (Team Spatial of course) we saved the propellers in time.

We raced to get to our guest lecturers Ben Wainwright and Iria Fernandez where we learned that basically, the only way to get somewhere in life is to start off as a dive instructor in Indonesia. All joking aside, they were very informative and had some interesting ideas brought to the table.

Chef Cody’s exceptional Pollo Alfredo made up for our rainy day and the Caesar salad was fit only for a king.

~Andy Thompson

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