Another day in the Field…

We set out today with one less boat, to explore a fringing reef alongside Coconut Island and retrieve the sediment traps and flow contraptions set out about a week ago for Team Spatial. To our surprise, several of the deployments were retrieved without data, leaving nothing but the brick that once supported them in the water. Some were retrieved fully intact.

We then decided to head to the sandbar for lunch and a morale booster from the disappointing collections and lack of organization in the boats. Some of us were so excited for lunchtime.

Once we anchored at the sandbar, the cooler was the first one to jump out. We each followed one by one until we were all in the water enjoying our lunch and happy enough to pose for some group photos (with yours truly behind the lens).

As our spirits were lifted and anxious to check out the fringing reef, we picked up some bright blue friends, who have yet to be named.







We ended our day at Fringing Reef J just alongside the pier, and discovered a creepy reef engulfed in a forest of thick Eucheuma kappaphycus, an invasive algae. Swimming to and from the boats proved to be a bit of a challenge in this dense underwater forest.

Our night ended with 4- cheese lasagna, garlic bread, and Caesar salad made by myself, Cody and Mireille.

- Liana Roberson

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