on a rainy day…

I personally was looking forward to this day because I was going to be able to perform some volunteer work around the island. Unfortunately, our time of algae cleanup got cancelled due to foul weather. Instead of sitting in the rain all day, we got to enjoy many hours in the lab learning the ropes of ArcGIS taught by the wonderful and amazing, Lisa Wedding. We finally learned to map out the data that we have been collecting for the last few weeks and I can’t believe how cool it was to watch the trends across the Bay develop before my eyes!
In the Open Seas adventure that was mentioned in an earlier blog, Ryan broke his wrist from the force of the waves. Because it was such a bad break, he had to get a full arm cast (see picture), but he came back in high spirits and we did all we could to keep his head up!
I took care of dinner that night: Funky chicken casserole… And man was it funky! Everyone who helped me put it together was pretty turned off from the idea of eating it, but guess what? They all really liked it once it was cooked! I sure proved them wrong!
Well, it was a hard and grueling day in the lab so to bed early and rest up for the field day tomorrow!
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