BBQ success

Yesterday was finally the day of the long awaited barbeque for family and friends of the Biology 403 class on Coconut Island! Everyone was definitely excited and hustling about to prepare for it. Ryan got the grill ready while Jeff and I wrestled coolers full of ice and juice down to the beach house. Everyone else was helping prepare the food which consisted of homemade hamburgers, bbq chicken kabobs, bacon-wrapped mushrooms, artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, cheesecake, and ice cream pie. Before that we were all out on the water from 9-12 attempting to collect last minute data for our reports.

Today we went out into the field again to look for missing data loggers belonging to the spatial group on reefs 43 and 44. We were ultimately unsuccessful; however Kim and Liana saved a bunch of turtles and corals by removing a gigantic net from the reef! After showering, we all reported back to the lab for a guest speaker, Kim Maison. She talked to us about using spatial techniques to better manage our oceans. It was informative, and gave us more to think about when we were using ArcGIS. We practiced using ArcGIS more until 4:00 and another guest speaker, Kydd Pollock arrived. He gave an awesome talk about Palmyra Island and the organisms that lived there. He talked to us about managing them and the types of research they do there. Chef Cody and I cooked chili and rice for dinner. We finished the night with a movie, Colombiana after dinner.

Thank you everyone for bringing food and coming!

-Ty Shitanaka

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