Day 22

It has been raining for days.  I cannot remember the last time we had a glimpse of the sunshine.  Despite the foul weather, we press on and continue with our fieldwork.  Today my comrades and I braved the elements in search of, a very elusive patch reef that we could use in our report as a control.  My group and I have been surveying Kaneohe bay for the “rare” Montipora dilatata coral.  In spite of its reputation as an infrequent scleractinian coral, our group managed to find it on every patch reef we had been on except one (for a total of 8 reefs).  We set out to explore 4 new reefs that our intuition had led us to believe that no M. dilatata colonies would occur.  As our fearless skipper took use across the murky depths, the wind whipped raindrops across our faces and blinded the lot of us.

The downpour was so parlous and profuse that the entire island of Oahu faded to gray, as the squall enveloped us in an aqueous curtain.

Upon arrival at our first reef, Tiffany and Cody quickly abandoned ship, as the unexplored waters provided more comfort from the cold wind.  Each reef was only about a foot deep but at its edge would plummet down to seemingly infinite depths.  At one reef I dove down to a depth of approximately 25 feet, at which point I could no longer see the surface.  It was definitely an eerie feeling to be underwater with such poor visibility; being unable to see the bottom and not being able to discern my buddies waiting for me at the surface was a surreal sensation for the few instances that I could hold my breath.  We returned to harbor safe and sound and with plenty of data to incorporate into our final project.  Our dinner was curious, a combination of oriental salmon and nachos, yet delectable.  Our day culminated in a combination of steel wool and string that led to unprecedented entertainment… Overall no injuries to report.  Today was a good day.

- Charley


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