Today was a crazy but exciting day. The time had finally come for our
class to present our research to two esteemed NOAA employees David
Nichols and Krista Graham We started our morning at 8:30 in the NSF
lab presenting our research and catching our NOAA guests up to speed
on our progress. We briefed them on the daily agenda and headed into
the bay to show off our skills. We headed to reef 43 to collect HOBO
data loggers that were placed at specific locations among the reef to
measure temperature. While the Lingula group collected the HOBOs (not
to be confused with homeless people), the Spatial and Montipora groups
showed David and Krista colonies of Montipora dilatata. Next we headed
to reef 44 where all groups collected more data loggers and Lisa
showed our NOAA guest The “poster-child” for all Montipora dilatata
colonies. While swimming along the east side of the reef Madi, our
fearless boat driver and TA, spotted a manta ray swimming along the
murky depths!  We ended our bay survey with lunch and collecting water
samples at the sandbar. Team Lingula was also able to show David some
Lingula holes and highlighted the challenges to finding these cryptic
creatures. After some silly pictures and awesome packed lunches, we
headed back to coconut island to say goodbye to our guests and pick up
our food for the sunday class bbq from Anuschka! After unpacking our
heaps of food the class ended for the day and everyone enjoyed the
rest of their Friday. Ryan made tacos for dinner and Cody made ice
cream pie both of which were AMAZING. Jon Whitney joined us for dinner
and showed us a new way to freeze an ice cream pie ;)


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