Surveying Kaneohe Bay

Last winter semester I participated in my directed research which consisted of surveying Kaneohe bay. Kāneʻohe Bay is a protected bay of Oahu with two main channels through the reef, allowing ship access to the sea and act as principle water exits. Kāneʻohe stream discharges into the bay, accounting for more than 75% of the discharge into the bay. The corals and algae are susceptible to this discharge. The competition between corals and macro-algae fundamental to the overall status of coral reefs. Needing this study is crucial to monitor an important ecosystem like Kāneʻohe. Data collection consisted of 12 survey sites positioned along a nearshore-offshore gradient throughout the bay. Quadrats were 1m2 and aligned on the transect. Photo samples were taken along the transect and 50 random points were displayed and identified in the photos.


Health of the coral was also taken. Little disease was found but most common was trematodiasis found in Porities.


Survey sites had observable differences in algal and coral species present. There was little  correlation of all sites and can be explained by the consistent northeast trade winds that generally keep the bay well mixed, combined with the lack of rain and therefore lack of runoff though the stream during the study.

- Stephen Matadobra


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