The barreleye fish

One of the most interesting discoveries in marine biology is the discovery of the barreleye fish.  It was discovered back in 1939 but was only seen from nets being dragged and brought up to the surface.  Only recently have scientist taken pictures of a live barreleye fish.  Barreleye fish are found off of California’s central coast by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in waters more than 2,000ft deep.

What’s unique about this fish is its transparent head so that its eyes can be seen below these green domes.  The barreleye fish is usually found motionless looking up for prey like fish and jellies.  When pray is found its eyes rotate straight, homing in on its prey.  With precise swimming abilities it can also steal food from other animals like siphonophores.  With its precise swimming, it allows the fish to avoid stinging tentacles of jellys that it may want to steal fish from.


“Weird Fish with Transparent Head, Macropinna microstoma ~  23 Feb. 2009.

- Blaise Tom


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