A Turtle Tale

I was actually very interested by this story because it involves a story of a turtle who has seen it all and bounced back. It found a net which means it was most likely by catch of some fishing vessel. It saw a shark and survived (most turtles are not that lucky), and it is able to swim again with 2 artifical front flippers, hopefully allowing it to continue living and reproduce to bring the population out of endangerment. It is amazing how similiar this is to Dolphin Tale (the movie), except that it involves a reptile and not a mammal.

I think what these scientists have done for this turtle is amazing, but I feel as if it also has its drawbacks. For one with the color of the sleeve on the turtle I feel as if that could deture potential mates. What if having a darker colored shell means that the turtle has more parasites; making it less likely to be able to mate. Another problem with the turtle is that I’m sure there will be parasites that will be able to slip under the sleeve. How will this turtle survive without being able to get cleaned by reef fish? It is also possible for the sleeve to get caught on a fishing line, or even other debris that could potentially reharm the turtle. Lastly the color of the fins may attract other sharks because of the white color. A shark may mistake them for a squid and attack.

This is just a negative side of doing things like this. Granted they saved a life, but for how much longer?


- Ryan Sirota


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