Day 16: Day Octopus in the Early Morning

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We woke to the sound of our alarms and faint sunlight at 5:50 am. We decided we wanted an early day last night, so we could collect more data. We groggily got out of bed, got ready, and headed to the boats. Our two teams had their missions as we set out on the bay. […]

Day 15: Memorial Day!

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With the second week wrapping up and the third beginning, we only have another week to collect data. Even though it’s a holiday for everyone else, we’re still going out looking for turtles! Today, the benthic team began at the Sandbar (now with a pin from the Department of Aquatic Resources) to look for Gracilaria. Unlike […]

Halfway there!

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The day started out as most days have, with us each waking up at our own pace, making coffee and bagels for breakfast. As we prepared our lunches for the day, we also made our game plan for which reefs to visit. The turtle team decided on going to North Bay, to survey sites 42, […]

Day 12: Data collection…… FINALLY

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Today started like most, we got ready for snorkeling, made breakfast and lunches, and prepared our boats. When we meet in the classroom, Dr. Hunter approached us with the question, ” So what do you guy want to look at today?” During our morning discussion we decided to make 2 teams (groups of 4 and […]

Day 11 – Trying to get in bed with turtles

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Our day started out nice and early with most of us waking up around 5:50 AM to prepare for our morning dive. You can imagine our enthusiasm as we got ready for meeting at the docks around 6:30 AM. We prepped the boats and fought the urge to pass out while waiting for Dr. Hunter […]

Day 10: Hot Day on the Bay

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We drug ourselves out of bed, made breakfast and lunch, and were on our way to the classroom (The usual routine). This morning we were introduced to using Hobos. We had noticed on days of field work that some sites were really warm (We said it felt like bathwater) and some sites were noticeably colder […]

Day 9: Got nudibranchs?

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Hey all! Today was totally turtle-tastic as we explored new reef locations around Kāneʻohe Bay. Our teams split up into two boats, with Blue Team heading out to Reefs 36, 45, and 42, and Red and Green team heading towards Reef 25, fringing reef near Reef 25, and Reef 43. After finding Gracilaria salicornia yesterday, […]

Day 8: We found Gracilaria!

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Today we officially started our second week on the island! We’ve been having some troubles recently finding turtles around the bay, but yesterday, on Sunday, six of us saw 10 turtles throughout the evening at Lilipuna pier. So, this morning, three of us took the boat to the pier and looked around in the shallow […]

Day 6: Turtle Topics and Sandbar Scrubbing!

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Even though it is the weekend, the work never stops. After a late night of brainstorming turtle topics, we starting to realize how frustrating it is to study mobile creatures rather than sessile organisms. After packing lunches and making breakfast, we all meet in the classroom, hoping our advisors would guide us in the right […]

Day 5: Sandbars and Studies

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We all started our day by waking up early around 7:30 and dragging ourselves out of bed for 3 hours of GIS work starting at 9:00. Waking up early could have possibly been a result of FINALLY getting some good sleep last night. Our assignments were short the night before, so we were all lights […]